Industry Applications

Power Electronics is an enabling technology that provides benefits for many applications across a variety of sectors.

Industrial & Field Applications

Occasionally the application of power electronics presents unexpected challenges when deployed in the field. This could include premature failure, voltage transients from VFDs, etc. If your power electronics are not working as expected, contact us to see if we can troubleshoot your particular application.

Oil / Gas / Oilsands

Power Electronics applications for oil, gas and petrochemicals include variable speed motor drives, down hole tools, battery charging and remote power supplies. If you are having issues related to power electronics, such as reflected waves or other VFD problems, please see the case study on reflected waves, and contact us for assistance.


Railway, Electric Vehicles, Mass Transit and other transportation technologies employ power electronics to improve performance and reduce costs. Power Electronics are used in traction drives, battery charging & system power supplies and many other applications.

Clean Technology

Power electronics has been central for improving efficiency to reduce emissions & waste, and to improve fuel consumption. Clean technology includes renewable energy as well as cleaner, more efficient versions of conventional energy sources.

Remote Power

From gas and diesel generators to wind, solar, fuel cell or thermoelectric generation, power electronics is the enabling technology for delivering power from alternative sources.

Innovative Power Solutions has worked extensively in all sectors. For more information contact us.

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Innovative Power Solutions offers over 25 years of industry & field experience developing, testing and troubleshooting Power Electronics for industrial applications, harsh environments and other challenging applications.

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