Power Electronics

The following applications will benefit from the expertise of an experienced power electronics consultant. These applications can be for 10’s of watts to megawatts.

Power Supplies

Specification and design of custom power supplies for unique applications. These supplies can be board mounted, chassis mounted or standalone. Custom designed power supplies integrated into a PCB can offer many benefits including cost savings, improved reliability, and greater flexibility with voltage and power levels. Stand alone and chassis mounted supplies for equipment racks and cabinets can be designed to meet the requirements of the application. Existing power supplies can be analyzed to improve performance and troubleshoot problems.

Power Amplifiers

PWM power amplifiers are used in applications such as induction heating, vibration tables, servo motor systems, magnetic bearings and other electro-mechanical equipment. Using a custom design for your power amplifiers can reduce cost and improve performance by optimizing the design and eliminating unnecessary features while enhancing your particular requirements. Well-designed power electronics allows you to precisely control current to meet your application.

Motor Drives

Adjustable speed motor drives for both AC and DC motors provide solutions for a variety of industrial processes in the transportation, mining, oil & gas and other industries. Applications include pumps, fans, and motion control. If commercially available devices can't meet all your requirements, consider a custom design.

Battery Charging

If you are using batteries for emergency or backup power, modern power electronics can save you money by ensuring the batteries are charged in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations, as well as minimizing the size, weight and power consumption of the charger.


Inverters are a significant component of many systems – including motion control, remote power and renewable energy. An inverter can be used to convert power from a DC source to AC to power a variety of loads. Depending on the application, parameters such as frequency, voltage, current or power factor can be controlled to meet your requirements. If off the shelf equipment does not meet all your specifications, we can design a custom product tailored to your application.

Electronic Lighting

Power electronics can be used to develop controllable, light weight and energy efficient power sources for a variety of lighting applications. Applications can use LED lighting or other technologies such as fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Spark Ignition

Power electronics spark discharge circuits are useful for the ignition of combustible gasses. Applications can be combustion engines, gas turbines or other energy sources.

Transient Voltage Suppression

Transient Voltage Suppression or TVS protects equipment from low or high energy transients that can result in faulty operation or even equipment damage. Power electronics provides solutions to TVS problems.

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